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Our customers are at the center of our universe. Through their stories, we are able to emphasize, empower and educate other users, and continue uplifting the community with positivity, knowing that there are others who have toiled the journey before.  They are the reason why we keep doing what we are doing, that is, to provide them with easy and implementable routines and effective skincare products. They are the "Secret to Our Potions". 


Hear what our Potioneers have to share! If you would like to share your stories and voices with us and empower others with the knowledge that you bring, please drop us an email at! We would love to feature your journey with others. 

Feature Stories

Huiping Progress 2.jpeg

LED Mask Therapy with 24K Gold Sheet Mask

I have sensitive skin as well as eczema. I am very cautious about the products I used as they tend to trigger them further. I came across Potions LED Mask in July this year and I have never looked back. I started the BLUE LED light therapy for 10 minutes a day. My skin started to clear up and eczema started to disappear. My skin became less sensitive. 

Bella, their beauty advisor, recommended me a simple routine to pair with their 24K Gold Mask for hydration and the results speak for themselves!

Definitely glad to have started on this journey and feeling beautiful inside out!

Huiping selfie.jpeg

Huiping, Song


Sabrina Progress.jpeg

Triple Bundle for Triple Effects

I often have breakouts around my cheeks. I discovered Potions through a friend of mine and they recommended a simple routine around their sheet masks. 

The daily use of 24K Gold mask in the morning for hydration and Vitamin C mask in at night have helped my skin become less sensitive. By the 6th day, my skin brightened up and the breakouts were significantly reduced. Indeed a magical potion for my skin!


For those who face the same skin issues as me, I highly recommend Potions simple routine. Try and be amazed! 

Sabrina Profile Pic.jpeg

Sabrina, Meagher



Getting my skin fixed with Potions

I started on Potions about a month ago.  Previously, my skin has always been towards the sensitive side and prone to breakouts. I am careful with the products I use and therefore was skeptical when I was introduced to the popular bubble mask. However, when I heard about the pairing of ceramide with this bubble mask and the reason behind it, I decided to give it a try. 

The transformation speaks for themselves and I am glad to have journey this with them. Fair and supple skin from now onwards! 

Peggy Testimonial 2.jpeg

Peggy, Lee


What our customers have to say...


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