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Singapore skincare hits Brunei market

19-Dec-2020 By Lyna Mohamad

Spokesperson of the local distributor said, “Potions is excited to bring the Singapore brand to Brunei. We hope that through this roadshow, our clients will better understand their own skincare needs and make informed decisions on the products needed.”

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11-Nov-2020 By Amanda Lim

A Singapore-based beauty start-up specialising in skin care products developed in South Korea is looking to beauty technology to define its place in an already saturated cosmetics market.

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23 best Korean face masks for all the skin concerns you can think of

22-Sept-2020 By Sarah Quek

If you’re familiar with Korean skincare routines, you’ll know that face masks are one of the most important steps. A convenient skin-booster, face masks aren’t just pampering, but are also a saviour when you’re feeling like you’re having a “bad skin day”.

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