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Our customers are at the center of our universe. Through their stories, we are able to emphasize, empower and educate other users, and continue uplifting the community with positivity, knowing that there are others who have toiled the journey before.  They are the reason why we keep doing what we are doing, that is, to provide them with easy and implementable routines and effective skincare products. They are the "Secret to Our Potions". 


Hear what our Potioneers have to share! If you would like to share your stories and voices with us and empower others with the knowledge that you bring, please drop us an email at! We would love to feature your journey with others. 

Feature Stories

Huiping Progress 2.jpeg

LED Mask Therapy with 24K Gold Sheet Mask

I have sensitive skin as well as eczema. I am very cautious about the products I used as they tend to trigger them further. I came across Potions LED Mask in July this year and I have never looked back. I started the BLUE LED light therapy for 10 minutes a day. My skin started to clear up and eczema started to disappear. My skin became less sensitive. 

Bella, their beauty advisor, recommended me a simple routine to pair with their 24K Gold Mask for hydration and the results speak for themselves!

Definitely glad to have started on this journey and feeling beautiful inside out!

Huiping selfie.jpeg

Huiping, Song



Acne Begone!

My skin is quite acne-prone and I have used several skincare products to address them. When I heard about Potions, "My first thoughts were "Oh yet another brand." However, their beauty advisor was very knowledgeable and could identify with the issues I was facing, something which many others could not. Hence, I decided to give their LED Mask a try. 

What amazes me was that the results were almost immediate. I used the BLUE Light LED which was meant to address acne and calms the skin. It was quick and easy to use and took me about 10 minutes. When I woke up the next day, my skin was glowing. Something that I did not expect! For those who are still wondering, don't hesitate.  This is the real deal 

Screenshot 2020-10-19 at 13.16.00.png



Jaisy Progress.jpeg

My Progress

I have bad acne skin conditions and have been struggling to find the right fix for it. Due to the outbreaks, my skin tend to be very sensitive and many products that I use tend to "sting" and often leave me in pain. Doctor's prescriptions tend to be the only solution. 

When I first came across Potions, I had no expectations as I had tried so many brands without success. Having read some of their customer's stories, I decided to give it a try. I went on their 7 day sheet mask routine, combining their Bubble Mask, Gold Mask and Vitamin C Mask. 

By the fourth day, the results speak for themselves! My skin began to clear up noticeably and the inflamed acne were no longer red. This was when I know I have truly found the right product for my skin.




Before application of ceramide bubble ma

Analysis of product efficacy for Ceramide Bubble Mask

We did a skin analysis test post mortem of the Ceramide Bubble Mask to establish its efficacy. The findings are as follows:

Before: Subjects were asked to cleanse their face using a regular cleanser and a skin analysis was conducted to analyse the pores and sebum content. It was found that regular cleanser cannot help to remove excess dirt and clogged pores from the skin of the subjects. The occurrence of clogged pores (represented by the yellow spots) remain high with a score of 51 (the higher the number, the higher the number of clogged pores)

Subjects were then told to put on Potions Ceramide Bubble Mask for 15 minutes. 

After: A second skin analysis was conducted after the application and the results show a significant reduction in clogged pores (represented by the yellow spots) and a score of 17. 

The results show the product effectiveness in removing dirt and clogged pores as well as serum production. Stay tuned for more results on the other range of products!


Ceramide Bubble Mask

Potions Skincare

Smooth Shiny Skin

Your Story Could Change Others

Stories are a very powerful tool to encourage and uplift others. Your journey could be unique and challenging and it could also empower others to take action and start making a difference to themselves. 

If you would like to share your journey and feature them with us, please contact us now. It could make a difference to someone else's life. 


The New You

Potions Skincare

Sabrina Progress.jpeg

Triple Bundle for Triple Effects

I often have breakouts around my cheeks. I discovered Potions through a friend of mine and they recommended a simple routine around their sheet masks. 

The daily use of 24K Gold mask in the morning for hydration and Vitamin C mask in at night have helped my skin become less sensitive. By the 6th day, my skin brightened up and the breakouts were significantly reduced. Indeed a magical potion for my skin!


For those who face the same skin issues as me, I highly recommend Potions simple routine. Try and be amazed! 

Sabrina Profile Pic.jpeg

Sabrina, Meagher


Clandra Toh Day 1 to 16.jpeg

Consistency is key

Hi friends! Since Potions has started this series "Strength Through Stories", I thought it would be good to share my journey battling acne and help the rest of us who are out there figuring out for a solution!

My skin is mildly sensitive and am prone to acne breakouts especially around the chin area. I decided to give Potions a try since their launch as I thought combining both technology and skincare is something new for me. Under their recommendation, I started daily treatment of BLUE LED Therapy for 10 minutes coupled with the 24K Gold Luxurious Mask. In addition, I use the Ceramide Bubble Mask once a week. 

By Day 7, I could see the acne almost disappearing. This motivated me further and I continued the routine. I am now at Day 16 and my skin is really nourished and glowing. For anyone who is having acne issues like me, all I want to say is "Don't give up and be consistent!"


Clandra Toh


Jade Liew.jpeg

Pores Gone Finally!

I am not "hardworking"  when it comes to skincare due to my hectic schedule. Hence, when I chanced upon Potions and their routines, it is my saviour! Easy to follow and the results are really evident after just 3 days! Pairing their sheet mask and their latest performance ampoule, my skin became brighter and the pores are so significantly smaller! I just want to share with those out there that if you don't have the luxury of time, try them out! Ultimate effective and fast! 

Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 11.39.34.png




Analysis of product efficacy for 24K Gold Mask and Nicotinamide Performance Ampoule

We did a skin analysis test post mortem of the 24K Gold Mask paired with our Nicotinamide Performance Ampoule to establish its efficacy. The findings are as follows:

Before: Subjects were asked to cleanse their face using a regular cleanser and a skin analysis was conducted to analyse the hydration level of the skin. It was found that the skin hydration score was relatively low at 20. 

Subjects were then told to put on Potions 24K Gold Mask for 15 minutes and pair it with the Nicotinamide Performance Ampoule. 

After: A second skin analysis was conducted after the application and the results show a significant increase in skin hydration and a score of 74. 

The results show the product effectiveness in increasing the skin hydration. Stay tuned for more results on the other range of products!


24K Gold Mask + Nicotinamide Performance Ampoule

Potions Skincare


Getting my skin fixed with Potions

I started on Potions about a month ago.  Previously, my skin has always been towards the sensitive side and prone to breakouts. I am careful with the products I use and therefore was skeptical when I was introduced to the popular bubble mask. However, when I heard about the pairing of ceramide with this bubble mask and the reason behind it, I decided to give it a try. 

The transformation speaks for themselves and I am glad to have journey this with them. Fair and supple skin from now onwards

Peggy Testimonial 2.jpeg

Peggy, Lee



Mummy! What's that big pimple!

That was the first reaction by my son when he saw the pimple above my eyebrow. Life as a mummy is always on supercharged mode and having time for skincare is always a luxury. I know that finding something that is a quick fix is always hard until I found Potions. 

I put on their Ceramide Bubble Mask, known to have exfoliation effects followed by their newly launched ampoule and waited, hoping that it would give me some saving grace from that earlier comment from my son. And indeed it did! Right after the session, it was almost that the pimple didn't exist. It became flat and less inflamed and my son was so amazed that he asked "What was that mask?"


It is indeed a miracle mask! For those who are always on the go, I would recommend their quick fix routines that are easy to use!

Screenshot 2020-10-25 at 20.20.43.png

Elsie Tan




Recently had a bout of "maskne" and very upset of the huge acne which refuses to budge! Decide to start on Potions "Maskne" routine comprising of LED Blue Light, sheet mask and performance ampoule. I was amazed at how the acne spot became lighter and "compressed"! Definitely my magical go-to treatment for future outbreaks!

Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 16.01.59.png




My 7-Day Potions Mask Challenge

I have been wanting to try Potions range of masks after seeing so many positive reviews. I decide to start their 7-day mask routine and see how it is able to transform my skin, especially when I have quite visible pores around the cheek and nose area. After 7 days, it is visibly distinct and the pores became smaller and my skin was smooth and supple. I went a tone lighter as well. 

So happy to know that we can get good products at good value and also good advice from their team. Definitely a brand to continue staying with. 


Serene Woo



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